How to Play

To Play MolecuWars™ Trading Card Game

Each player selects and shuffles his/her own 24-60 cards, then draws seven cards. If you do not have at least one Atomical in your hand, re-shuffle. Play one Atomical in your MolecuRing™; the lowest mass has the first turn. 

On each turn:

1 Create your AttackLine by playing up to three Atomicals and adding partner Chemicals.

2  Build your MolecuRing by bonding up to three Atomicals** from your AttackLine into it.

3  Attack one Atomical at an open end of your opponent’s MolecuRing using your AttackLine.

4  Draw one card from your deck. If you have seven cards in hand, discard before you draw.

mwdc-playsequenceRepeat turns until one MolecuRing is complete or until one player is out of cards.  Each player gains points equal to his/her MolecuRing mass – the player with the most points wins the game. 

Begin every turn (after your first) by “deionizing”∞∞ your AttackLine.

Game Rules

Play Energy or Lab cards at any time on any person’s turn.  Follow instructions on each card.

You may discard from your Hand, AttackLine, or ReactionChamber at any time during your turn before you draw.

Atomicals within the MolecuRing (not at the ends) are protected and cannot be affeced or affected by opponent.

During any turn, Lab cards take first effect, then Energy cards, then attack damage is dealt (during an attack).


Bond / Partner

To bond Atomicals into your MolecuRing, or to partner Chemicals with Atomicals in your AttackLine, balance + andoxidation states:

Bond-OK Bond-NO

The total remaining oxidation in your MolecuRing must = 0 when complete with six Atomicals (and any Chemical partners).


∞∞“Ionized” Atomicals cannot bond or partner.

**Chemicals partnered with Atomicals in your  AttackLine act as a single unit and partners are included when bonding into your MolecuRing.

No more than two cards can modify an Atomical at any time.

Atomicals with a sigma symbol require the remaining bond/partner oxidation to be zero. Sigma


Atomicals with an Energy symbol (triangle) require an Energy card in your ReactionChamber to bond or partner.EnergyTriangle


Attack & Defend

Atomicals attack with Electron Affinity value and defend with  Atomic Mass Value. All Atomicals start each turn at full strength, unless otherwise noted on the card.

Atomical(s) in AttackLine can attack one Atomical at either open end of opponent’s MolecuRing. 


∞∞”Ionize” Atomical(s) (tilt card 30°) to show it is attacking.


Defender may use any “deionized” Atomical in his/her own AttackLine to block an attack on the MolecuRing; “ionize” it to show it is blocking. 

There is no couter-attack from a defending card.

Multiple Atomicals may block, but each survivor must have a mass of +1 greater than the damage it absorbs. Defender decides where damage is dealt. Discard defeated Atomicals. 



Energy & Lab Cards

One energy card can stay in play in your ReactionChamber to satisfy all your Atomicals’ requirements. an energy card used to satisfy bond/partner requirement(s) cannot be redirected.mwtcg_energy

Play in your ReactionChamber to affect a target, then discard the Energy or Lab card. Play on your own Atomical to modify it during that turn, then discard the Energy or Lab card.

When an Energy is played against another Energy, follow the cards’ directions and discard it if it is blocked.

If Energy in ReactionChamber is discarded and not replaced during that turn, Atomicals in MolecuRing requiring that Energy must return to AttackLine and lose (discard) Chemical partners.

If the temperature of an Atomical or Chemical is affected enough to change its physical state, discard it.  TermperatureChange


Gameplay Layout using PlayMats